Money Mindfulness Journal

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Money Mindfulness Journal

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Rewire your brain for a healthier, positive relationship with money!

This journal was created to help you build healthy money habits, overcome financial self-sabotage, and start using money intentionally, in a way that aligns with your goals and values.

Take time for a daily Morning Meditation to set your intentions and nurture an abundance mindset. Then, complete an Evening Reflection and review how things went, so you can identify ways to adjust your habits and start creating the lifestyle you want! 

This journal is for anyone that:

  • Wants to overcome anxiety about money
  • Is tired of feeling guilty about their spending habits
  • Wants to master maintaining personal financial boundaries
  • Wants help staying focused on goals
  • Wants to align their spending with their values
  • Is ready to transform into their financially empowered self!

What’s inside

Daily Gratitude Practice: Take the time to meditate on what you are grateful for, and according to multiple studies, you will be happier than if you doubled your income!

Stay Focused on your Goals: Write down your goals and keep them front of mind, increasing the likelihood of your success!

Have a Money Mantra: Shed limiting beliefs about money, grow your confidence, and stay motivated to accomplish your goals.

Reflect on Spending: Dig into the emotional side of money, identify self-sabotaging behaviors, spending triggers, and more.

Celebrate your Wins: Your brain's natural tendency is to think negatively and be critical. Build the habit of positive self-talk and reflect on the smart financial decisions you make!

1% Better Every Day: Identify opportunities to improve your money management skills so you can keep making progress! 

What You’ll Get

Downloadable PDF of the Money Mindfulness Journal


  • Video Guide to Getting Started
  • Informational, and inspiration-filled emails to keep you motivated
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Downloadable PDF
30 Days // 69 pages